Photo credit: Daniel Reche
The difference between Yum or Yuck and Yum/ Yuck

In my previous post I pointed out that you always have a choice; you get to pick if you are feeling Yum or feeling Yuck. That is a great way to start getting to know how you are feeling and what your basic needs are. As you start picking feeling better in each situation, you will notice that negative emotions and feelings are needed and play a part. As they say, “No rainbow without the storm.” clichés are great to illustrate a point, but not how to cope with things.

Yum or Yuck is not an easy way out or denounce bad feelings or negative thoughts. It is about picking an option that makes you feel better and bringing you closer to your true nature.  What is the difference between Yum or Yuck and Yum over Yuck?

Yum or Yuck
What feels better right now? This or that? Sit or stand? You have clarity and you can pick without hesitation and you can implement it without asking more questions.

Yum over Yuck
Going forward try and pick Yum over Yuck. You do this in baby steps and ease into unpacking a situation. Ask yourself what is causing me discomfort? Can I do anything about it right now? Will it do more good than harm if I make a move now? Do I have clarity on my next move?

Good example you dislike your work.

What is causing me discomfort?
I don’t know, I just hate it.
Can I do anything about it right now?
No, I don’t know what to do next in life.
Will it do more good than harm if I make a move now?
I have bills to pay.
Do I have clarity on my next move?
Is there anything good about my work?
Pays my bills.

The next day you go to work. You are smiling, because going to a crappy job is better than unemployment. You start doing a task and you realise you really really hate it. It gets you thinking about why you picked this job and what you’d like to do instead. Before you know it, you have clarity and can plan your next move.

Sometimes you can unpack a situation and find a solution to feeling Yum, sometimes you have to sit in the muck a little longer until you have clarity. You will feel better knowing you are aware of the situation and you planning to do something about it. Yuck is your roadmap to feeling better, it shows you where to look and what questions to ask to understand your situation and get clarity. Soon you will be able to make new choices which will lead you back to Yum.