Yum or Yuck

Photo credit: @great_photo_passion
Mantra for 2020: Stay home & Wash your hands

I wonder what Louise Hay would say about our global mantra?  It is a very weird time to be alive. The world has been turned on its head. Like a wish list is being ticked off.

Less pollution
More family time
Respect for the low-income worker
Learning to cook
Countries helping each other
New ideas & solutions
And so forth…

The list can go on and on about all the good that did come out of this. It doesn’t make the adjustment any easier; it is just my coping mechanism finding all the upsides to this crisis.

Let’s get real, there are a lot of emotions to deal with. For the first time in along time people have time to ponder, get in touch with their feelings. We are brilliant in avoiding discomfort. Instead of facing our feelings, we bake, watch Netflix, play online games, read online articles trying to figure out hoax or real. Anything to stay busy and seem important.

I’m guilty of it. I have no clue, how to just BE in the moment. Yes, I’ve read every book and can recite every cliché. Now in lockdown it is time to put it all into practice ready or not.  I found the only thing that works for me is brutal honesty with myself. What do I really feel like, what do I really want to do? I call it Yum or Yuck. No fancy words needed, no soul searching needed. Just know you always have a choice. What will feel Yum or Yuck? Sit or stand? Coffee or tea? Window open or closed? Nap or read? Slowly you get in touch with yourself and your needs again.  Take this time to get to know yourself again, what your real needs are and how you can meet them.

End of the day we are responsible for ourselves, what we feel and think. That will determine the outcome of our future. What does your future look like Yum or Yuck?