True feelings

Dog on grass. True feelings.
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Always ask why

What you feel and what you think feel
are two different things.

We are so conditioned to mimic life around us to fit in, that we have lost touch with our own true feelings. When a situation occurs, we tend to react how we’ve seen our family, tv shows, even society in general reacts. In some cases, our reaction can be a coping mechanism to hide painful feelings from ourselves.

When you are feeling something, ask your self why am I feeling this? You will be surprised with the answer. We are so quick to go with the first feeling we think we are feeling, we rarely check in to see if this is how we truly feel.

Somebody asks you if you like a certain dish. You answer not really. But if you ask yourself why you don’t like the dish, it turns out your mother didn’t like the dish. You haven’t decided for yourself how you feel about.

You may think you are feeling angry, when in reality you are feeling tired. When you ask yourself why am I feeling angry, you may answer that you are angry because you are tired. When you ask yourself why you are feeling tired, you may answer because you have been up all night worrying about a situation. When you ask you yourself why the situation is worrisome, you will come to the heart of the problem, you are fearful of the outcome. So, your true feeling is fear.

If we keep on asking ourselves why on a regular basis, we get to the heart of the matter faster. It is a fun way to get to know yourself. Why do I like this movie? Why did the person upset me? Was it really the words they used or was it the tone of their voice?

You can apply this concept to other people. Why is a magical word to buy you time when you have people asking you questions you are not ready to answer or know how to answer. Why are you asking? Why do you need to know? Why is it important to you?

Why can also help clear up misunderstandings. A husband walked into a room slamming down his coffee cup. His wife’s first instinct was to think he is mad at her and not sure why and she snaps at him. If she asked him why he slammed the cup down, he would have told her he was burning his knuckles.

Always ask why. Why do I feel like this? Take note of the answer; is it something you read about, seen on tv, something your family says or something you have decided for yourself?


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This is a really important exercise to do with sooo many situations. It is only long winded and somewhat bothersome at the beginning. If done regularly, one understands almost immediately the reaction we give in a situation… Because we hit a level of knowing ourselves and our reactions.
Thank you Albi for explaining it in a beautiful way.

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