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Bach Remedies Explained

Dr Edward Bach really cared for the wellbeing of others. He wanted to understand why some people got ill and not others; finding the root cause of illness. He went from a doctor to surgeon to bacteriologist to homeopath and finally created the Bach Flower Remedies system. He didn’t like the intrusion of surgery, or injecting vaccines, homeopathy was closer aligned with his thinking: Treat the person and not the disease. He observed that when people are exposed to the same possibility of getting ill, only some people got ill. He concluded that a person’s thoughts, outlook on life and emotional triggers played a huge role in their wellbeing. He created the Bach Flower Remedy system to counteract negative emotions by bringing in the positive virtue.

Dr Bach listed 38 remedies to help overcome negative emotions using up to 7 remedies in a custom Bach Remedy, over 200 million different combinations can be made to reflect a person’s current state of mind. Restoring balance in the mind, body and soul, you are able to improve a person’s health.

Mind, Body & Soul connection explained

Our mind is where everything starts; a little flicker of a thought can turn into an illness if we don’t pay attention. Thoughts have vibrations, the more we think the same thoughts the bigger the vibration gets. Negative thoughts turn into illness, and positive thoughts can bring joy and manifestations. Our bodies are brilliant in letting us know how we are really feeling and will overwrite the brain. When logic tells you, you should like a person or a situation, but your body feels tense and uncomfortable, it is letting you know something is amiss. The Soul brings it all together. The Soul is our guiding light; it connects us to Source and our life purpose. The Soul is the nagging voice that keeps on telling you what you should be doing. It is not like the Mind telling you what you need to do out of duty, the Soul comes from the heart space. When you start listening to your Soul, your body starts to relax and you find comfort in your thoughts. Sometimes we need support in order to get our emotions and thoughts back into balance.

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