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Show up and deal with what shows up.

If you know me, I am not a big fan of mantras. To me they are meaningless words, people say them without even really giving it much thought. Like saying abracadabra hoping the world magically changes into a comfort zone.

Bitter much, you say. No, hypocrite is more like it. You see for the last 8 years Show up and deal with what shows up, has been my mantra. It is the one thing that kept me and my family going.

 A crisis knocked on our door, not me nor my husband wanted to face it. We did not want to deal with it, think about it, or be part of it. What options did we have? A crisis does not care about your feelings, wellbeing, schedule or hopes and dreams.

What hurts the most, nobody is coming to save you. There is no mommy or daddy or even fairy godmother to save you. We had to deal with cancer and surgery, while raising two young kids.

The moment we implemented the wise words of Michael Neill, Show up and deal with what shows up; Our lives turned around and it was no longer a horror show. We no longer played the what if game, we no longer ran ahead with what needs to happen next. We could enjoy each moment for what it was. We took things step by step, it freed headspace and energy. Mostly we felt in control.

The things you think about, is so much worse than what is out there. Even if the worst thing happens, what else can you do but deal with it? By dealing with it, not turning away, not blinking, you win the game of chicken with Life.