Holding Space

Photo Credit: Ulrike Mai
A moment in time to catch your breath

People often ask me what do I for a living; I have such a hard time putting it into words. Holding space comes to mind. We have all heard this phrase from time to time, but what does it really mean?

People come to me and they are holding it all together with sticky tape, or should I rather say glue. It is not that the person is broken, or do not know what to do. They are aware of where they come from and where they are heading. They have done the hard work and deconstructed themselves. All they need is a little time and kindness to let it all sink in; let the glue dry.

Where does the holding of space come in? I create a space where the person can just be, no judgments, no fixing or trying to tell them how to do things. A space where they can run ideas by me. It is not for me to pull them to pieces or go digging. Sometimes the person will ask me if I could help them find a missing piece and we work together to find it. It is always a mutual agreement of what the outcome should be.

The person may appear fragile, but in reality, they are going to be stronger than before the rebuild. The person has already put themself back together. It is just that they need time for the glue to set.

The purpose of holding space is to encourage personal growth. When a person feels safe, while the glue slowly sets and they get use to the new configuration of self; it builds confidence to keep on evolving. As we evolve and reconfigure, we help create a better world.