Bach Flower Remedies

Overthinking, contemplating

Dr Bach listed 38 remedies to help overcome negative emotions. By using up to 7 remedies in a custom Bach Remedy, over 200 million different combinations can be made to reflect a person’s current state of mind. All negative feelings have positive qualities when in balance. Connecting to our feelings, and with the support of Bach Flower Remedies, balance can be achieved.

Taking your remedies

Please take 4 drops 4 times a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. Take the drops orally or in a little water. If needed, you are welcome to take an extra dosage (4 drops) during the day.

For a person on the go, you can take your first dose in the morning, then place 8 drops in a bottle of water to sip throughout the day, and then the last dose just before bed.

The bottle should last around 3 weeks.

Bach Flower Remedies Consultation
Initial Consultation (60 min)
Bach Remedies included @R400
Follow-up Consultation (30min)
Bach Remedies included @R290

Refill of Bach Remedies @R90
Dispensing of Bach Remedies @R100
(Select your own remedies for collection or courier)

Grouping of Remedies


Rock Rose: Treats terror.
Mimulus: Gives you courage to face your fears, known fears.
Aspen: Treats fears you can’t name, settles an eerie feeling.
Cherry Plum: Helps you gain control and not lash out.
Red Chestnut: When overly fearful of the safety of loved ones.


Cerato: When you are always asking advice, doubting your decisions.
Scleranthus: When you can’t make a decision, stuck between options.
Gentian: Helps overcome setbacks and discouragement.
Gorse: Helps with pessimism, feeling hopeless and giving up.
Hornbeam: When you’re tired of just thinking about the task ahead.
Wild Oat: When you need clarity on your path in life.

Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Clematis:  If you are prone to daydreaming.
Honeysuckle: Help those who are stuck in the past be more present.
Wild Rose: To help find the spark, instead of going with the flow.
Olive: Restore your energy after being exhausted on all levels.
White Chestnut: Stop worrying thoughts from playing over and over in one’s mind.
Mustard: When you are hit by the blues for no reason.
Chestnut Bud: Help you break patterns and notice life lessons.


Water Violet: Help private, independent people be more socially apt.
Impatiens: To find balance in being impatient.
Heather: Fear of being alone, overly talkative.

Oversensitivity to influences & ideas

Agrimony: Hide true feeling, by making light of difficult situations.
Centaury: Being a people pleaser, neglecting own needs.
Walnut: When you are sensitive to outside influences.
Holly: When you feel prickly towards others, hatred and revenge.

Despondency & despair

Larch: Gives you confidence to try and not worry about failing.
Pine: To help overcome feelings of guilt and unfounded guilt.
Elm: When you are overwhelmed by your responsibilities.
Sweet Chestnut: Gives you hope when you have hit rock bottom.
Star of Bethlehem: Help overcome loss and shock, and trauma.
Willow: Help to overcome self-pity and find joy in life.
Oak: For people who push pass their limits and not able to rest when needed.
Crab Apple: Helps for cleansing, skin conditions and deep seated shame.

Overcare for the welfare of others

Chicory: When you can’t help being overbearing, needing to be in loved one’s lives.
Vervain: When you are over enthusiastic and trying to get everybody on your side.
Vine: When you like others to do things your way no matter what.
Beech: For being over-critical and irritated by other’s behaviour.
Rock Water:
Being set in our ways, hoping others will learn from our example.