Bach Flower Remedies Rebalance Renew Restore

Bach Flower Remedies
First Consultation

Bach Rescue Remedy is designed to help you deal with an immediate stressful situation. If you are working through an underlying issue or suffer from stress, you might find a long term solution having a personal remedy mixed for you. In the first consultation we get to know each other and the Bach system will be explained.

There are 38 remedies to choose from and I will guide you to find the right combination to restore your balance.

R450 consultation & Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies

To keep the forward momentum going, I recommend we have a follow-up consultation. We will discuss the new space you are in and see if we keep the current selection of Bach remedies or adjust it.

R420 consultation & Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies
Dispensing service

As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), I will dispense Bach Flower Remedies as you need it, no need to buy the entire set of Bach Flower Remedies stock bottles.

R100 dispensing & Remedy